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Thank you for publishing Nancy Murray's op-ed on Gaza. Few American publications show the courage to allow the humanity of Palestinians to be portrayed on their pages.

Najib Joe Hakim

San Francisco, CA

Dec 21 2009 - 5:09pm

Web Letter

The Gaza that I know is the home of Hamas and Islamic Jihad, two terrorist organizations that have killed, maimed and wounded over 3,000 innocent Israeli men, women and children the past ten years. The Gaza that I know has parents that dance in the street and pass out candy after their son walks into an Israeli supermarket, shopping mall or gets on a bus and blows dozens of innocent people to pieces. The Gaza that I know is ruled by Hamas, who denies the existence of the State of Israel and who are sworn to its destruction. The Gaza that I know launched more than 6,000 rockets at Israeli homes, kindergartens and hospitals from densely populated areas in Gaza and used their own people as shields. The Gaza that I know is ruled by Sharia law and has Hamas operatives routinely closing down Internet cafes, banning Western music and forcing women to be subservient to men--that is, all women except the ones they allow to be suicide bombers.

The people who feel sorry for Gaza fail to understand terrorism and make excuses for the murder of innocents. The Gaza I know is run by Islamic fundamentalists no different than Al Qaeda, Hezbollah and the Mullahs from Iran who want to destroy Israel. Anyone having sympathy for the views these groups espouse cannot claim to respect human life and the lives of Christians and Jews. The Gaza I know saw thousands of Christian Palestinians forced to flee from persecution from Hamas and other Islamic groups.

The Gaza I know is a terrorist state in the making, ruled by people with a virulent anti-Jewish ideology bent on the destruction of Israel and Jews and the end of any Christians living in the Middle East. Your Gaza is a fantasy, but then again, liberals always find a way to side with terrorists, be it those who flew planes into the World Trade Center and Pentagon or those that blow up supermarkets, restaurants, trains and buses in Israel, Iraq, Turkey, Tunesia, India, England, Spain, Jordan, Egypt, Indonesia, Saudia Arabia and Afghanistan. Islamic terror is not the fault of the West nor the fault of America and Israel. They are not to blame for the psychopaths who have perverted Islam into a sick ideology that justifies murdering innocent Christians and Jews as well as Muslims who don't agree with their agenda. The problem is not Gaza and the problem is not Israel. It is Islamic fundamentalism. Israel can let all the food, medicine and supplies into Gaza that Hamas wants, but Hamas and other groups in Gaza will not stop until they kill every last Jewish child, woman and man in Israel. Wake up to reality.

Mark Jeffery Koch

Cherry Hill, NJ

Dec 21 2009 - 11:56am

Web Letter

I don't know Gaza--but I can believe that a good chunk of the population are caring, loving people--especially those who work in the mental health field. I expect those that blew up the border terminals just as Israel conceded to the US demand to run convoys between Gaza and the occupied West Bank, who destroyed the cooperative industrial zones and wiped out the evacuated agricultural industry, terrorized the Western Negev region and etc., etc., etc.... were less loving. As they live under a theocracy, whose declared aim is to wipe out Israeli rights to live in our (still) secular society, I certainly don't expect mental health workers to comment on their leaderships policies--and to survive thereafter. However, journalists who ignore the existence of a theocratic dictatorship do a disservice to those who suffer from it (on both sides of the border)--because they free that government from the responsibility for its own policy, thereby encouraging its continuation.

Jonathan Sivan

Haifa, Israel

Dec 20 2009 - 12:22pm

Web Letter

Thanks to the editors of The Nation, there is at least one lonely voice explaining the inhumanity of the US against the Palestinians who live and, more and more, die in Gaza. The mainstream media, the corporate media, who think they must cheerlead our leaders or be unpatriotic, have done a pathetic job getting the real news out about the horrific plight of the Palestinians in Gaza.

I was surprised that Ms. Murray didn't go further to tell the truth about Israeli government war crimes. My support for the Israeli government disappeared years ago. And my support for the so-called "two-state" solution is quickly vanishing.

We need to stop funding the Israeli military with arms. It is technically against US law anyway.

When I read in dismay that the House condemned the Goldstone report (mainly without reading its fair conclusions), I called my representative to find out how he had voted. I was shocked to find that he had voted to condemn the Goldstone report.

When Jews criticize and resist the Israeli government, then it is hard to see where the alleged anti-Semitism lies. I am against what the Israeli government is perpetrating against the Palestinians because I long ago learned the lessons of the Holocaust. Everyday that the occupation of the Palestinian territories continues, everyday that basic human needs are blocked by the Israeli government, is a continuation of the war crimes against the Palestinians that has been going on for decades.

I find it heart-breakingly ironic that during Chanuka, many Israeli dissenters, young people who call themselves the Shministim, are jailed by the Israeli government for their conscientious objection to the criminal treatment of the Palestinians. The festival of lights commemorates Jewish resistance to an occupying force.

Where is the light of hope for the Palestinians if those who know what is going on in the Palestinian territories don't speak out?

Lee Baker

Greensboro, NC

Dec 19 2009 - 4:19pm

Web Letter

Thank you so much for publishing this. I was in Gaza this summer and I can confirm for you Nancy Murray's analysis of the situation there.

It is so sad, but courageous articles like this one will help end it.

Matthew Thomas Miller

St. Louis, MO

Dec 19 2009 - 4:17pm

Web Letter

Thank you so much for this article. It was well-written, well-needed and greatly appreciated.

Having spent a year in Palestine, a few years ago, this article brought back sad memories of those citizens that are trapped in Gaza. Seeing how the young kids 3-15 years old tried to deal with their daily struggles was heart-wreching.

This Freedom March is a great idea and I look forward to doing my part in helping out in anyway possible. Again, thanks for the article.

Kenneth Robinson

Jackson, MI

Dec 19 2009 - 4:16pm

Web Letter

Thank you for publishing this article. I'm glad someone is paying attention to the horrible conditions forced on the Gazans by Israel. Such an Orwellian situation: most of the mass media continue to protray the brutal oppressor as the victim, despite the obvious asymetrical power situation.

Doris Rausch

Columbia, MD

Dec 19 2009 - 4:16pm

Web Letter

Thank you for publishing this. To enclose people in a restricted "camp," one would think, is anathema to people of a history such as the Holocaust. Human development usually means we try our best to not repeat past errors. Hopefully as the human rights march on December 31 grabs global attention, and more compassion is generated, we will see a revelation of sorts for those with rancour then turned to realization that what we do to others is really what we do to ourselves. Remember, apocalypse doesn't mean being mean to people, it means revelation. Reveal what is concealed so it can be healed.


Cedar Falls, IA

Dec 19 2009 - 4:15pm

Web Letter

I wanted to thank your magazine for publishing this very timely and important op-ed. It is an invaluble service your publication has done by letting Ms. Murray describe what is going on within the Gaza Strip. Without testimonials and eye-witness accounts, the Palestinian cause would never go forward. Ms. Murray is the president of the Gaza Mental Health Foundation and has painted a very bleak picture of Gaza's future. I hope and pray that the Gaza Freedom March will have a positive effect and help to lift the two-and-a-half-year blockade of Gaza.

Cecelia Johansen

Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Dec 19 2009 - 4:14pm

Web Letter

Thank you for publishing this article. We in the United States need to wake up to our responsibility in creating--and changing--the Gaza status quo. You are helping us do just that.

Sharon K. Richards

Oak Park Heights, MN

Dec 19 2009 - 4:12pm

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