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I am an investigative journalist who has spent the last 5 years studying the ISM and Ms. Arraf herself over the last five years. I am published extensively over the Internet and am responsible for the deportations of over 200 ISM activists from Israel during that time for aiding terrorist groups.

These are the facts about Huwaida Arraf and her Ship of Fools.

I interviewed Ms. Arraf at a national conference of her anti-Israel activists at Georgetown University, where she admitted to me that her ISM organization works in clsoe cooperation with Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad and the PFLP, all terrorist groups that advocate the end of Israel. She even admitted doing this in the Washington Post.

Ms. Arraf's boats have Iranian "journalists" on board from Press TV. These are Iranian agents. The real purpose of these boat trips is to put pressure on Israel to reopen the shipping lanes the Iranians used to supply Hamas with rockets and other weapons used to attack Israeli communities in the Negev.

It is not progressive to support terrorist fronts like Free Gaza, ISM and Ms. Arraf, who are only interested in deceiving democracies to support Arab goals of defeating the Jews.

Hamas's charter calls for the annihilation of world Jewry--Ms. Arraf endorses them and even gets aid from them.

Ms. Arraf, in her training manuals tells her volunteers to say they are peace activists because admitting they are human shields for terrorists doesn't play well. She is making a nice living and getting free world travel and has a stake in keeping the war roiling forever. In one word, she says she's a peace activist, then justifies terrorism as "legitimate resistance." She bemoans 11,000 Arab "political" prisoners in Israel (almost all of whom were given fair trials and many of whom murdered Jews) and says nothing of Gilad Shalit, the kidnapped Israeli soldier. Ms. Arraf is a phony--not a misguided peace activisit or human rights worker.

The Nation really should be more adult in how it choses its articles. Ms. Arraf talks of 1,400 Palestinians killed in Gaza in operation Cast Lead. The real number is 1,300, per the UN almost all armed terrorists and suicide bombers or artillery crews. The Nation, by giving Ms. Arraf a platform to lie, to use hyperbole and to support through misinformation terrorist organizations that will never make peace with Israel, fails as an objective source of progressive journalism and makes itself only a willing dupe.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict will end only when Ms. Arraf is marginalized along with her pro-terror front groups and real peace activists decide to allow two states to live in peace side by side. Ms. Arraf wants Israel dismantled as her only solution and for Israel to become yet another Arab-dominated dictatorship lording over the Jews. Lying and disinformation are her tools and trade; The Nation need not give her the forum in which to use them.

Lee Kaplan

Berkeley , CA

Jul 27 2009 - 10:51am

Web Letter

I fail to understand how a boatload of peaceful people with non-military supplies could possibly threaten Israel. If in doubt, the Navy merely had to board the boat in a peaceful manner and verify the contents. While I sympathize with the past suffering of the Jewish people, I now strongly feel that they are demonstrating the same vile behaviours against the Palestinians that were perpetrated against them by mainly Europeans. How can they justify their racist attitudes and brutal occupation of the Palestinian people? I fear it is true that the Israeli government does not and never has wanted peace. My only hope is that I also believe that many compassionate Israeli and Jewish people do.

Sandra Dwyer

Victoria, B.C., Canada

Jul 24 2009 - 4:09pm

Web Letter

I'm terribly surprised at the letters of support posted here for Israel. I love the Jewish Americans that I know. None of them have a sense of entitlement and none play to the sense of victimhood that the thugs in Israel play to. If our country were being taken over and bought up by the Chinese, wouldn't we object? Now Israel is the size of New Hampshire and they want the Gaza Strip, about the size of New Jersey, with the help of America. All that smoke being blown is just that. Israel doesn't want peace, that would be counterproductive to their intent. If the memories of the German Holocaust work for them, they will use it. They are in fact eroding that memory to the point of total shame. They have become the enemies and prisoners of their heroic memories.

James L. Pinette

Caribou, ME

Jul 22 2009 - 12:27pm

Web Letter

Where is the outrage at the Hamas terrorists who have had control of Gaza since 2005 who have done absolutely nothing for their own people except conduct a terrorist war on Sderot and environs? Ms. Arraf and her husband are exactly the kind of "useful idiots," in the immortal words of Lenin, who do nothing for their people except exacerbate an already tense situation. Why doesn't Ms. Arraf and her husband sit down with Hamas and get them to live in peace with Israel? Why don't Ms. Arraf and her husband stop the education of hatred toward Israelis and Jews of their own youth Israel turned a spit of land into a thriving, Westernized democracy. What have the Palestinians done to improve their own situation? Absolutely nothing except whine and moan about their situation as they have done since 1948 while economic and political progress passes them by. I'm glad The Nation publishes this trash every so often so that liberals like me can see just how difficult the job of peacemaking is on Israel, not to mention the Palestinians themselves.

I. Randolph S. Shiner

San Diego, CA

Jul 21 2009 - 1:02pm

Web Letter

I call this article a hatchet job on Israel.

1. Gaza is not occupied, as Israel citizens left in 2002.
2. There is a border between Gaza and Israel--border laws, anyone?
3. Gaza is not recognized as a state under the International Courts, UN or any other treaty because they have never applied for this status.
4. The stated purpose of the organization Hamas as per their published Charter is the destruction of the State of Israel which is recognized by all International Courts, UN and so forth.
5. So the author of this article supports a terrorist organization that fired rockets at civilians for over six years? Amazing. Also against the law of America to support terrorist organizations in any form or manner. The Nation should think twice about supporting people who are breaking the laws of the country.

Gene Guffey

Escondido, CA

Jul 19 2009 - 4:27am

Web Letter

With the amount of time and energy the Palestinians bring to the media blaming Israel for "the occupation," that same time and energy could be used to help fulfill a Palestinian state. Israel has offered land to the Palestinians at least a dozen times. The last time the Palestinians "settled" in Gaza, they start firing rockets into Israli cities. There really is no Israeli occupation, because Jews have historically lived in the land for at least 3,000 years. To call Gaza "occupied" by Israel is wishful thinking for those who attempt to delegitimize a state that promotes more freedom than the Arab neighbors surrounding it. People either seek the truth or they set their own agenda. As for deliveries into Gaza, Israel does in fact ship supplies in for a few hours each day. Still, the Palestinians appear to live in self-pity instead of building their own statehood for Palestine. For sure, Palestine does need to be freed--by Hamas, Fatah and anyone in the Palestinian leadership that keeps on saying "no" for Palestine to exist alongside Israel.

As for the legalities of the international law, what Israel is doing to defend herself (and help the Palestinians) is all legal. Thus, how would you react if rockets were fired in your neighborhood? It would be obligatory to go after those who committed such acts. Now, when Palestinian journalists report these matters on the "occupation," much of it is fabricated, because they use a secret medium called "Pallywood" to conflate stories to the MSM. Just look "Pallywood" up on Youtube and you will come across an eighteen-minute video that breaks down and exposes this journalistic fraud.

As for Mr. Arraf's article, it seems like another disingenuous sentiment posted on TheNation.com, and this is why I have read this site less often in the past year, because it turns me off by hearing Israel "occupying Gaza." Is there any mention whatsoever of rocket fires into Israeli cities, human shields (a real international law and human rights violation), among other things in order to share both sides without using words like "occupation," "disproportion," "war crimes," and "apartheid"? Furthermore, with the human shields involved in the warfare between Gaza and the IDF, where Palestinians may deny it in their protests, chances are they are misinformed, since those human shields would have been inadvertantly killed by the IDF. Most of the time the IDF is good at targeting Hamas combatants that have fired rockets into Israeli cities.

All in all, Palestinians can build themselves from the ground up without having to blame the "Israeli occupation." The Jews certainly did after WWII. Therefore, the Palestinians, and especially Hamas has to look themselves in the mirror and wonder if they are part of the solution or part of the problem. Blaming Israel has certainly been the latter. Thus, Palestinians can either lead, follow, or go back to Jordan or elsewhere. Hamas has really been the root of this current conflict in Israel and Gaza, not the "Israeli occupation."

Nicholas Rosen

Great Falls, VA

Jul 18 2009 - 9:13pm

Web Letter

I don't know whether to laugh or cry at this. It is so inept and re-proves the adage about "a fool and his money."

Why not try offering Israel an honest peace agreement? Gaza could be a rich trading state, like Singapore or Hong Kong, if it just decided to do so.

Offer a hundred-year cease-fire, with no stupid preconditions, and magic could happen.

Continuing the spirit of hostility breeds mor hostility.

How could the Israelis know that the boat wasn't running guns into Gaza?

John D. Froelich

Upper Darby, PA

Jul 18 2009 - 12:27am

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