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An excellent article with an original perspective! From a speculative business point of view, the Bush foreign policy almost makes sense. Keep the world on edge by pressuring Russia with the expansion of NATO and a worthless missile defense system. Defense contractors make a buck with the system, and maybe the oil companies will get a piece of Russia's oil. Threaten Iran every so often so oil prices will rise, and rob Iraq of its oil. The basic problem with keeping the pot boiling is that at some point the pot will boil over,and you will have a major disaster on your hands. Russia is our equal as a world power, and it would be bad for business if a cold war became hot. Keep pressuring Iran, and they will certainly develop nuclear weapons. Israel is going nuts over Iran, and it would not take much to start a conflict in the Middle East. There goes Middle Eastern oil! Because of the global economy,we are looking at a global depression in the works. Nothing special there. Drive down wages, and there is no market for any goods. Global trade means longer supply lines that deplete the amount of oil available, and globally sourced parts means Boeing won't get its Dream liner off the ground anytime soon. It doesn't matter. Boeing will do all right with corporate welfare as a defense contractor, and continue to make a profit building worthless missile defense systems.

Pervis J. Casey

Riverside, CA

Jul 3 2008 - 4:33pm

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