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Keith Olbermann said it just yesterday. He said the words that have needed to be said for quite some time. He put a face on the actual enemy within. He named the force inside the "real" America that too few are courageous enough to name. A sinister power based upon medieval cults of death, torture and blood. Its membership believing that the pain and suffering of humankind somehow ennobles us. A belief system that is against all joyous expression except that sanctioned or created by itself. It preaches prejudice against all who do not conform to its warped visions utilizing the force of a deranged peer pressure. It has burrowed deep within the American mind and government with a stated singular purpose, to subvert it; to bring about a glorious theocracy.

Twenty-four hours every day it spews forth an unforgiving bile upon the global community. Its ownership of low-wattage radio stations blankets America in an unregulated dissemination of hatred and intolerance. Satellites, missionaries, television and big-screen movies transmit its dreamt-of, and prayed-for, end-of-the-world finale. It spends millions of dollars each year in its vainglorious attempt to be #1. It is, in fact, the least popular method of faith worldwide and the youngest.

Eliminating contradictory literature, it encourages only certain "approved" texts while adding to a list of banned books with each new day. It fears an open society and has manipulated millions of believers in order to construct a political mass movement. It has passed laws that have ripped the soul out of the Community Television movement of the 1970s, and it has forced cable providers to include its programming as part of basic service, thus extending its reach and increasing its base of much-desired contributions. Its leaders are con-men awash in the property and prestige that their snake-oil has brought them. These leaders hold "degrees" of higher learning that are granted by the very organizations they control.

It is a growing movement of fear, superstition and ignorance that teaches adherents to seek out those in life crisis, people who are facing divorce or addiction problems and those who have recently lost a child or other loved one. Believers are told that we will be more "receptive" to their message during these devastating times in our lives. Followers rebuke victims of rape who seek abortions; these women and young girls are then chastised not to dress too provocatively, while victims of rape are forced to pay for evidence-gathering equipment. Advocates of this movement profess "love" of the GLBT while diminishing the essence of the individual. This movement even has youth summer camps where children are taught to offer as sacrifices their very lives in order to please its purposes.

Anything that stands outside the blessed inner circle is evil and not part of the grand design that their belief system promises. It refuses to look at reality objectively because to do so would be its own undoing. It uses circular logic to "prove" that its "knowledge" is divinely inspired--nay, written by deity itself. It warps the beliefs of the Founders of this Nation for its own purposes and marginalizes all other world belief systems. It is a movement of goblins and ghosties where The Wizard of Oz is considered a work of wickedness. This movement wants desperately to dismantle the constitutional wall between Church and State and force a religious orthodoxy upon America. It has no moral code save its own. It will and has legitimized the foulest horrors ever inflicted upon this earth. And it will use any means available to achieve this end.

A genuine leader such as Gen. Colin Powell is one day a hero of this movement and in the blink of an eye, or the granting of an endorsement, transformed into "one of them." He is quite literally morphed from an Elder Statesman, deserving of our respect, into "just a nigga votin' for a nigga." Sentiments that confronted me yesterday while shopping with my daughter.

This is not the America I seek to create nor is it the viewpoint of an oppositional political party. It is the work of something far more disturbing and something far more threatening. It is the Religious Right.

St. Augustine wrote, "Hope has two beautiful daughters. Their names are anger and courage; anger at the way things are, and courage to see that they do not remain the way they are."

We must expose these fundamentalist radical Christian Dominionists (evangelicals) for what they truly are: anti-American terrorists!

I would encourage anyone who values their liberty to please reread American Fascists--The Christian Right and the War on America, by Chris Hedges.

Thank you, Mr. Olbermann.

Mel Goetia

Monmouth, OR

Oct 21 2008 - 6:45pm

Web Letter

I have nothing against Democratic candidates being religious, but their religiosity is best left at home. Why should Dems come down to the level of the unwashed and ignorant masses to win their votes? If we would just improve the educational system, we could raise the intellectual level of the voter and religion would gradually become a non-issue, and our national candidates would not have to feign being blithering religious idiots to appeal to so much of the public.

Robert Austin

Seminole, FL

Oct 10 2008 - 1:04pm

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