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How many years has Obama been a senator and one of the parties responsible either for impeaching Bush or for keeping him in office? It looks to me as though, if we Dems apply our own logic and justice to Bush, even Bush isn't responsible (and that would be the reason why Obama never moved to have him impeached).

Cameron Jones

Indiana, PA

Oct 23 2008 - 11:59am

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Why is out illustrious media all perpetuating the myth that every one in Iraq is sitting around the campfire singing 'Kumbayah "?


Caribou, ME

Oct 19 2008 - 12:33pm

Web Letter

I read the excerpt of the Dexter Filkins book that appeared in the NYT Sunday Magazine several weeks ago and was interested in the fact that Filkins had such great difficulty finding any insurgent bodies. In fact, he had to have the military find one to be photographed for the paper. So it is interesting to me that Filkins dismissed reports (collected at Iraq Body Count) that say that at least hundreds of civilians died in the November assault. (Filkins's denial of a large number of civilian deaths in the November assault isn't mentioned here, but it came up in an exchange the NYT public editor had with FAIR). Filkins dismissed those reports on the ground that he didn't see any civilian bodies, yet this is the same reporter who needed help finding an insurgent body to be photographed.

Donald Johnson

Yonkers, NY

Oct 17 2008 - 12:10am

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