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The American people and people all over the world are in trouble. There is no political organizations out there that represents their interests. Because of "free trade agreements," we have Rio Tinto locking out American workers, and importing cheap labor. This form of "productivity" is, in effect, destroying the jobs of American workers, whose jobs used to provide the disposable income that supported the American economy. Any profits on Wall Street are based on productivity, and are not based on consume spending. "Productivity" does not produce goods, services or the economy. The Chinese can produce all the goods they want, but there has to be a market for those goods. No jobs, no disposable income and no market!

The purpose of "free trade" and "globalization" was to drive down wages. This is not 1817, when Ricardo wrote his Iron Law of Wages. Modern economies are supported by the wages of ordinary people. This depression is just getting started, and you haven't seen anything yet!

The only people we have working for ordianary people are unions. The cabin crews for British Airways are on strike and are seeking the support of the "Teamsters" in America. Your job may be next!

Pervis James Casey

Riverside, CA

Mar 18 2010 - 3:37pm

Web Letter

I think to move forward we need to go beyond the black-and-white thinking that is prevalent on both sides of the political spectrum. We need a vision that transcends the left-right, liberal-conservative, Republican-Democrat debate.

And that includes the Union versus Big Business debate.

Unions (in general) are just as immature and incapable of solutions that really benefit all of society as is capitalism. Neither side has a grasp of the whole picture and each side reduces life to their limited interests and perspectives.

So to keep painting unions as the good side fighting the bad guys (big business) will not make our societies better.

The solution is to move beyond simplistic labels and to actually look at the merits or problems of each side in every single case rather than knee-jerk partisan reactions.

Chris Alexander

Los Angeles, CA

Mar 17 2010 - 4:15pm