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Obama went bowling... while wearing a tie? Are you sure that's a better image than a Lycra body suit while windsurfing?

Darin Zimmerman

Charlotte, NC

Apr 21 2008 - 2:18pm

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The next thing you know people in Pennsylvania will start saying they could have a beer, and a shot, with Hillary Clinton. The proverbial beer with President Bush has cost the nation aplenty. The judgment of the blue-collar class in Pennsylvania, Ohio and elsewhere is as suspect as it is indispensable.

Sioan Stephen Bethel

Brooklyn, NY

Apr 18 2008 - 1:59pm

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Sample Questions for Senator Obama's Next Debate

"Senator Obama, in the summer of 2001, you flew into New York for a meeting. During the flight into New York's La Guardia airport, you saw the WTC buildings. Why, Senator Obama, why did you not warn your fellow Americans then of the upcoming 9/11 attacks?"

"Senator Obama, your grandfather, in 1937, had a conversation at his place of employment with a coworker. That coworker would later go on to join the Communist Party. Senator, why have you not denounced your grandfather for his Communist associations?"

"Senator Obama, in the fall of 1968, when America was fighting to bring freedom and democracy to Vietnam, you fell off your bicycle and broke your right arm. You returned to school three days later, with your right arm in a cast. Why, Senator, did you fail to raise your right arm and salute the American flag that week during the Pledge of Allegiance?"

"Senator Obama, two men who attended the same college you did, later on got married in San Francisco. Why, Obama, have you not denounced on national TV the depravities of these sodomites?"

"Senator Hussein, uhh, excuse me, Senator Obama, your middle name is the same as the tyrant dictator the brave American and patriot, President Bush, overthrew and executed in Iraq in 2005. Why, Senator Hussein, have you not changed your middle name?"

"Senator Obama, three times in the last thirteen years, you have missed Sunday service at your church. Why did you miss these services, Senator, and should Americans interpret these moral failings of yours as a sign that you are an atheist?"

"Senator Obama, although millions of Americans enjoy the great sport of bowling, when you attempted this All-American sport, you bowled a miserable 30. Senator Obama, should Americans look at that score as the disdainful way you look at Americans?"

Greg Bacon

Ava, MO

Apr 18 2008 - 12:33pm

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Dear god I hope he can bring us together. He is willing to walk away from centuries of hate, anger, war and sheer frustration and spend time trying to solve problems. Given a choice between a pathological liar, a confused old war hero and an extremely intelligent young guy, I'm going with intelligent.

James Pinette

Caribou, ME

Apr 17 2008 - 5:57pm