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This is a good whodunit, with lots of gory detail on the process used by banks and their rich customers to cheat the public. What this piece lacks is a foundational perspective on how this larcenous web was created in the first place.

The chartering of banks and their subsequent regulation is a political process more than a market process. None of this can happen but what is designed into the system through political partnerships--partnerships that are always at the core of the founding of any new government.

Historically, it is as though a government cannot be allowed to exist without first making concessions to the bankers. These unholy partnerships, typically taking the form of central banks, can only lead to what you see today, with the tail wagging the dog. Modern presidential candidates from any party are vetted thoroughly by banking interests, and many (such as Mr. Clinton) are essentially corrupted before even taking the oath of office.

It should then be no surprise that many bankers are unscrupulous thieves. Trying to untangle the byzantine web of their illegal practices is interesting in an academic way, but not fruitful for the public. More useful would be to focus on the persistent connections between politicians and their bankers. Just between Mssrs. McCain and Obama, in the current election cycle, there is enough to keep a dozen investigative journalists busy uncovering these banking connections.

It's a fantasy to think we are going to prosecute any world bankers for past defrauds. It is not impossible, though, to bring sunlight directly down on the current candidates to make some attempt at breaking the historical connection between bank fraud and political fraud.

Mark Deneen

Ferndale, CA

Jul 24 2008 - 10:35am

Web Letter

You people who continue to speculate on the way banks do business, or do not do business, truly make a bloke sick to stomach.

Interest rates are illegal--period!! Bank fees are illegal also, and have been since banks were invented.

The Bank Act in every country, has certain rules set in place for the world of banking. Rules which the public will never know unless they rise to the position of a bank Manager or CEO of a bank.

The entire banking problem of the world will always be here unless we remove the Federal Reserve, and also put a stop to the murderous ways in which the Bank of England operates.

JFK was murdered because he was going to close the Federal Reserve. Rothschild and David Rockefeller along with Henry Kissinger were the orchestrators, and mercenaries were the killers... it's as plain as the nose on your face.

Bankers all around the world are very nervous because the people are finding out the Truth behind Banking, and the fictitious language placed on all contracts around the world.

So yes, the banks are in real doo-doo at this time because people are aware that they are being diddled...they just don't know what to do about it. Do they rest a while, or panic, which is the human reaction!

I myself, am going to seek prosecution in the ICC against these perpetrators, but that's just me because I have the testicles to do it. Let's just see who else has guts to do such a thing!

Kevin-John Morgan.

Cairns, QLD, Australia

Jul 22 2008 - 8:22pm

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