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Another Bailout Joins the Goofball Economy

America has a great future behind it

America is in decline and will remain in decline because America no longer produces or manufacturers anything. You cannot purchase a cellphone, television, DVD player, computer, fax machine, or MP3 player that is made in this country any longer. People wait in line to purchase the latest iPad, iPhone or iPod—and these products are all made in China. There are now at least ten tablets on the market that compete with the iPad and none of them are made in America. Android phones are the rage along with the iPhone, and none of them are manufactured in America.

If you go to a department store to purchase mens clothing, you rarely can find socks, underwear, shirts or pants made in America, and if you go to the toy store to buy a gift for your child, you cannot find toys made in America. If you go to a store selling appliances, you will now see refrigerators, washers and driers from China and South Korea. High-tech lifesaving medical equipment (that is also high-priced), which used to always be made in America, no longer is.

A country that loses its manufacturing base is a country that is in decline. China’s economy is booming because China is manufacturing goods that the world wants. Other than jet planes and the food we purchase to put on our tables, what does America produce and manufacture anymore? When “Made in America” is a label you rarely see, you know for certain that recovery from our economic downturn is not going to be possible. When you cannot go to a clothing store, an appliance store, a store that sells consumer electronics or an office-supply store and find anything that is made in America, then you will realize that America will never be the economic powerhouse it once was.

Mark Jeffery Koch

Cherry Hill, NJ

Aug 10 2011 - 10:51am