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October 6, 2008

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  • Editorial

    Rescue Wall Street–and the Rest of Us

    Any Wall Street bailout must also impose tax increases for the wealthy, market reforms and address the needs of middle class Americans caught in the crunch.

    Sen. Bernie Sanders

  • The Contempt of Karl Rove

    Fifty years ago, Chief Justice Earl Warren wrote that all citizens have an "unremitting obligation" to respond to Congressional subpoenas. Karl Rove has breached this obligation.

    Rep. John Conyers

  • Haiti’s Unnatural Disaster

    Haiti has been beaten down by storms and abandoned by its neighbors, and its suffering will only increase unless the world community responds.

    Paul Farmer

  • Noted.

    Tricky Dick Cheney, Canada Greens, the truth about the Rosenberg trial

    The Editors

  • Palin’s Petropolitics

    Palin's opposition to government-supported renewable energy makes her stupendously ill equipped for national office.

    Michael T. Klare

  • Crashing the Election

    Puncturing John McCain's Teddy Roosevelt persona will require brutal honesty from Barack Obama--about the causes of the crash and the regulatory solutions.

    The Editors