Puzzle No. 3138

Puzzle No. 3138


 1 Not so much in where you sleep, but given divine protection. (7)



1  Not so much in where you sleep, but given divine protection. (7)

5  The flower makes Daisy, for example, slide. (7)

9  Even games get around a railroad, in short–and just hangs around. (7)

10  About as good as it can get, in the limo Pat provided with some trouble. (7)

11,12 and 13 A court case, plus the mistake made with it as a shaky way to accomplish something. (5,3,5)

14  and 23 down Go off the warpath, but on the warpath a foe might want to do it on your head. (4,3,7)

16  Scenes shot again, with rats–Eek!–all over the place! (7)

18  Near the back street, briefly, or possibly closest to what some people come out of. (7)

21  The chief of the district coming back on parade? (7)

24  Get a ride by a holdup with it, Tom being a little example. (5)

26  The skill of such as Garfunkel? (3)

27  One side of the surface to show it? (5)

28  State how old you are–which is mean! (7)

29  What one might do to a painting is soak it in water, as you could say with some pain. (7)

30  If tasty, sort of, you could fill the bill this way. (7)

31  Conspicuous tales in the making. (7)


1  Used to describe a sort of gin, but people get soaked in it. (7)

2  One of the nobility has a sort of ire that could be displayed way back then. (7)

3,15 and 25 Empty the heads in a slangy way, and give away all the dirt. (5,3,5)

4  Sort of dies on the raging sea, because one can die with it. (7)

5  Get food down to the commie uprising–in the soup. (7)

6  Willow accompanying the capital of England. (5)

7  French nationalist, a pioneer in the field of anatomy. (7)

8  A star–a cut-up with unusual airs. (7)

15  See 3

17  That American hides the Scotsman’s cap. (3)

18  Pointedly ignore the girl–one with a sharp edge. (7)

19  Nothing up–up! A season of spring? That’s rich! (7)

20  Describing the homes of England? (Sort of late in the piggy place!) (7)

21  Characteristics of Mr. Cole sure changed! (7)

22  One alone concerning the wrong clues. (7)

23  See 14 across

25  See 3

27  If someone like Gore put on weight, it might be deadly, as a description. (5)

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