Crossword Classic #18

Crossword Classic #18

From the February 14, 1948, issue.



1  Blows kisses. (6)

5  Such things are not penned now. (7)

10  Old washers, that went to pot. (9)

11  Found as a matter of course, or when duties are pressing. ( 5 )

12  The well-dressed horsewoman appears to be. (7)

13  These occupy a number of busy little bodies. (7)

14  Sort of organ. (5)

16  Reputedly celestial products. (9)

18  Change in cargo in this sort of stuff. (9)

20  The basis of what to do with blonds? (5)

22  In favor of a weighty measure? (7)

24  Changed when day came. (7)

26  Occidental oriental. (5)

27  Did Job want to be covered with this? (9)

28  How Chesty’s changed! (7)

29  Leave alone (but not well enough?). (6)


2  Same definition as 14.

3  He swore “This island’s mine!” (7)

4  He has fun when morn’s past. (9)

5  Equivalent to an upstage manner, on the movie lot? (5)

6  Chain it on the table sometimes. (7)

7  Sir Galahad, for example ? (4, 5)

8  Is little Edward coming up short streets ? (7)

9  How Royalty sometimes acts ? (6)

15  Changed into a lousy door! (9)

17  Reasserted ? (9)

18  What happens when the spirit dies ? (7)

19  Embellishment sounds like nothing Yiddish! (7)

20  Once sad, it was a kind of masterpiece. (7)

21  They sound like horses or yams. (6)

23  What the bird “singing o’er her grave” does. (5)

25  On the reverse of many exit signs. (5)

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