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March 9, 2009

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  • Editorials

    A Waltz With the Dogs of Memory

    Vicious hounds of repressed memory haunt Waltz with Bashir, a deeply flawed depiction of the harsh truths of a war no one can forget.

    Hussein Ibish

  • Slumdog Subtext

    Slumdog Millionaire has captivated global audiences, but in India, it strikes a different nerve--as a tale of personal recompense and revenge by a young Muslim victim of Hindu persecution.

    Barbara Crossette

  • Chavez for Life?

    There are at least three reasons why the world should congratulate Venezuela's Hugo Chávez on his recent success abolishing term limits.

    Chesa Boudin

  • Waltzing Alone

    Israel, unrepentant and without introspection, doesn't deserve a film as brilliant as Waltz with Bashir.

    Liel Leibovitz

  • Obama’s War?

    Obama's escalation threatens to make Bush's war his own. There's still time to change direction.

    Katrina vanden Heuvel

  • Unions, Disunited

    At a time when organized labor stands a chance to make political gains, its energies are depleted by escalating conflicts within its ranks.

    David Moberg

  • Noted.

    Richard Lingeman remembers Robert Bendiner, John Nichols laments Roland Burris, William Greider takes heart at the appointment of union man Ron Bloom to Obama's economics team.

    the Editors

  • COP on the Beat

    Tough love from the Congressional Oversight Panel involves ripping the Band-Aid--otherwise known as TARP--off the mortally wounded banking system.

    Chris Hayes

  • Bipartisan Bust

    As the GOP chooses to be the party of No, Obama takes his case to a largely supportive nation. It's up to him to claim his mandate.

    the Editors