Puzzle No. 3159

Puzzle No. 3159


 1 Walks rather aimlessly, with the wrong pair in the wrong sets. (8)



1  Walks rather aimlessly, with the wrong pair in the wrong sets. (8)

10 ,  12 , and 6 Once separated the blue and the gray–recently separated the blue and the red. (5,5,4)

11  See 6 down

13  Take final action at a place of recreation. (6)

16  Wetland to the north with the Spanish plant related to parsley and dill. (6)

17  Fancy wrappings, wherever mine show themselves off. (7)

18  and 20 Right this way to the wrong side? They’re funny! (8)

22  Old-fashioned loads–a long way to get directed back, to a point. (7)

23  and 24 Instrumental composition to portray a particular mood. (4,4)

25  Most of Florida, both North and South, makes some unusual money! (7)

27  It’s tender, in a sense, to move along with a falsehood. (6)

29  See 6 down

34  Certainly not descriptive of an old smoothie! (5)

35  Exist backward in time. (3)

36  Talk specifically about something like New York? (5)

37  and 38 This is supposed to make you feel comfortable with your equipment. (4-8)


2  Takes it easy with certain musical signs. (5)

3  Don’t pay attention to part of the sign, or even turn your back! (6)

4  and 5 They’re bound to be frothy! (8)

6 , 11 and 29 across and 19 down Your address might start with this. (6,3,9)

7  In a slangy way, show contempt for a former president. (5)

8  How to get an Eastern bigwig out of the mire? (4)

9  He is US! (5,3)

14  Possibly let out around a way to peruse things, but you might put your foot down on such! (7)

15  Said to be keepers by some, when the ones who can’t win cry. (7)

16  The price to pay a professional, with fish or heather to show a certain amount of sentiment. (7)

18  Class where you find Tom with a bloody end. (8)

19  See 6

21  What to make of a certain judge we saw on TV? It comes to nothing! (3)

25  Chessman who might expect to make a good catch. (6)

26  Possibly spring a saltwater child. (6)

28  Lies next to–like, around however. (5)

30  Long, winding path of song. (5)

31  Just this is scarcely odd! (4)

32  Fancy money–ill gotten from a quiet fairy. (4)

33 &enspWhat is often hailed as a charge on one. (4)

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