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War and Peace

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  • October 5, 2000

    The Former Yugoslavia

    During the Kosovo crisis of last year, it was commonplace if not routine to hear two mantras being intoned by those who had decided that "never" would be about the right time to resist ethnic cleansing with a show of force. We were incessantly told (were we not?) that NATO's action would drive the Serbs into the arms of Slobodan Milosevic. And we were incessantly told (were we not?) that the same NATO action would intensify, not alleviate, the plight of the Kosovar refugees.  Now there has been an election that was boycotted by almost all Kosovars and by the government of Montenegro. And even with the subtraction of these two important blocs of opposition voters, it is obvious that Milosevic has been humiliated, exposed, unmasked, disgraced.

    Christopher Hitchens

  • September 25, 2000

    Aid for Nuclear Workers

    Madame Curie's denial of radiation dangers is emblematic of the legacy we now face as America's romance with the atom draws to a close.

    Robert Alvarez

  • September 12, 2000

    Trulock Is Source of Botched Lee Case

    In a bad spy flick, there's got to be a character like Notra Trulock, an obsessed sleuth who always gets his man--even if it's the wrong man.

    Robert Scheer


  • June 29, 2000

    George Smiley, Move Over

    "This is a story about a spy," writes Millicent Dillon in Harry Gold: A Novel.

    Elsa Dixler

  • June 27, 2000

    Want to Know a Secret?–There Are No Secrets

    These days, the once highly revered nuclear weapons lab at Los Alamos is the butt of jokes and investigations over the latest revelation--that top-secret files supposedly locked in the most sec

    Robert Scheer

  • June 22, 2000

    Search and Destroy

    Gay-Baiting in the Military Under 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

    Doug Ireland

  • June 1, 2000

    Exacting ‘the Price of Liberty…’

    Generals and admirals often tell us that eternal vigilance is the price of liberty, but they sure don't appreciate being on its business end.

    Eric Alterman