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Racism and Discrimination

Racism and Discrimination news and analysis from The Nation

  • June 1, 2000

    Little House in the ‘Hood

    I was wandering around Harlem recently, late on a warm Sunday afternoon: I saw Dominican families chatting on stoops. I saw African-American families walking home from church.

    Patricia J. Williams

  • May 18, 2000

    Racial Justice 101

    In a presidential election year, few issues inspire more citizen anguish and less political substance than public education. This year is no exception.

    The Editors

  • May 18, 2000

    School Colors

    How can we respond most effectively to right-wing assaults on the premises of public education?

    Amy Wilkins: The way that you deal with th

    Luis Garden Acosta, Lisa Delpit, Harold Levy, Adam Urbanski, Deborah Wei, Amy Wilkins and Herbert Kohl

  • April 13, 2000

    History and the Holocaust

    "This trial," said the plaintiff, David Irving, "is not really about what happened in the Holocaust." Opposing counsel agreed: "The essence of the case is Mr.

    D.D. Guttenplan

  • April 13, 2000

    Reparting the Waters

    It is delightfully ironic that a site has been approved for the construction of a monument in Martin Luther King Jr.'s name on the Washington Mall, given that in the last months of his life, King

    Jason Sokol


  • February 23, 2000

    America’s Debt to Blacks

    Well before the birth of our country, Europe and the eventual United States perpetrated a heinous wrong against the peoples of Africa and sustained and benefited from the wrong through the contin

    Randall Robinson

  • February 10, 2000

    Remembering in Black and White

    It may be my imagination, but this year Black History Month has seemed to present a more complicated range of memorials than in the recent past.

    Patricia J. Williams

  • January 27, 2000

    Rebel Yell

    The recent march in South Carolina, demanding the removal of the Confederate flag from the state Capitol is the latest episode in a long-running debate over the legacy of slavery. 

    Eric Foner

  • January 20, 2000

    ‘The First Environmentalists’

    For thirty years, since the publication of Silent Spring and Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, the growth of the environmental movement has been fueled with sorrow for the decimation o

    Mindy Pennybacker

  • January 6, 2000

    Brownout at School

    The Color of School Reform represents the kind of scholarship that by rights should influence the design of smart policy.

    David L. Kirp