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  • January 26, 2006

    Truth, Fiction and Frey

    James Frey’s faux memoir exposes corporate publishing as an industry so starved for bestsellers that it is unable to protect itself from fraud.

    Matthew Flamm

  • January 13, 2006

    The Cost of Integrity

    The recent controversy over false claims in James Frey’s The recent controversy over false claims in James Frey’s best-selling memoir “A Million Little Pieces” raises questions about the ethics of the author and of the publishing industry at large. This article opened a 1978 The Nation forum on “Truth in Publishing.”

    Richard Kluger

  • November 30, 2005

    Nancy Has Two Mommies

    Nancy Drew has been a fixture in young girls’ lives since 1930. But the continuing appeal of this spunky American icon–never sad, wrinkled or misunderstood–is both heartwarming and a little scary.

    Brenda Wineapple

  • May 20, 2004

    The Rebirth of the NYRB

    The highbrow literary magazine has re-emerged as a combative political actor.

    Scott Sherman

  • March 4, 2004

    My Dinner With Aleksander

    In 1964 an important if somewhat obscure Polish writer and public intellectual named Aleksander Wat arrived at the University of California, Berkeley, and began the work that would eventually bec

    Benjamin Paloff


  • January 30, 2003

    ‘Random’ Destruction

    Once again, changes at Random House have made headlines in papers throughout the country.

    André Schiffrin

  • December 20, 2001

    Ms. Heads West

    What's next for Ms. magazine now that it's hit the ripe age of 30 and is now heading west?

    Lauren Sandler

  • December 13, 2001

    The Eurocrush on Books

    Mergers and the Internet are changing the publishing industry. What lies ahead?

    André Schiffrin