GE Brings Bad Things to Life GE Brings Bad Things to Life

For downsized workers in Bloomington, it's time to start thinking globally.

Jan 26, 2001 / Feature / JoAnn Wypijewski

Labor’s Fight Has Just Begun Labor’s Fight Has Just Begun

In the end, Linda Chavez undid her own nomination through her disingenuousness. Bush's first nominee as Labor Secretary withdrew after a storm of publicity about her relationship...

Jan 11, 2001 / Feature / David Moberg

Unions Without Borders Unions Without Borders

A new kind of internationalism is challenging neoliberal globalism.

Jan 5, 2001 / Feature / David Bacon

How Stands the Union? How Stands the Union?

In their campaigns for the White House, the major-party candidates--even the one backed by labor--spent little time debating labor-law reform. Nevertheless, the AFL-CIO ha...

Jan 5, 2001 / Books & the Arts / Steve Early

Free Time for a Free People Free Time for a Free People

There's a growing movement to add livable hours to calls for a living wage.

Dec 14, 2000 / Feature / Arthur Waskow

Building Community Unions Building Community Unions

In Stamford, Connecticut, organizers are putting the movement back in labor.

Dec 14, 2000 / Feature / Janice Fine

Globalization From Below Globalization From Below

International solidarity is the key to consolidating the legacy of Seattle.

Nov 16, 2000 / Feature / Jeremy Brecher

High-Tech Cheap Labor High-Tech Cheap Labor

Only months after a major victory on China trade, Big Business is again scavenging for cheap labor. This time, the high-tech industry is pressuring Congress to allow additional f...

Sep 28, 2000 / Editorial / David Enrich

No Love Lost for Labor No Love Lost for Labor

Right now, what hurts labor, day to day, is the wins and losses in the lower courts.

Sep 25, 2000 / Feature / Thomas Geoghegan

Aid for Nuclear Workers Aid for Nuclear Workers

Madame Curie's denial of radiation dangers is emblematic of the legacy we now face as America's romance with the atom draws to a close.

Sep 25, 2000 / Editorial / Robert Alvarez