Asbestos Liability Scam Asbestos Liability Scam

The Senate will soon consider the Fairness in Asbestos Injury Resolution Act (FAIR) that is anything but for the workers whose health has been impaired by asbestos. It's a move by ...

Oct 20, 2005 / Editorial / William Johnson and Kate Levin

Robbing the Poor Robbing the Poor

As House Republicans use the cost of recovery from Gulf Coast storms as an excuse to rip last-minute holes in the social safety net, it's not too late to change priorities.

Oct 20, 2005 / Editorial / Sharon Lerner

Goodbye, Mr. Goodwrench Goodbye, Mr. Goodwrench

Delphi's bankruptcy is a marker of a new America in which there is no collective security, no union to make you strong, no government to give you shelter, in which workers stand al...

Oct 14, 2005 / Feature / Nicholas von Hoffman

Bono Meets Dr. Shock Bono Meets Dr. Shock

It's easy to scoff at a rock star like Bono pairing up with economist Jeffrey Sachs. But their tireless lobbying for debt relief for the poorest nations could make a real differenc...

Oct 13, 2005 / Editorial / Doug Henwood

Scamming the States Scamming the States

Companies like Boeing, Dell and Daimler-Chrysler know how to extort tax cuts and subsidies from states eager to keep jobs from fleeing. But taxpayers, community groups and even a S...

Oct 13, 2005 / Editorial / Greg LeRoy

Squeezing the Have-Nots Squeezing the Have-Nots

Fitful efforts to rebuild the Gulf Coast unfold against a backdrop of looming economic disaster: rising unemployment and interest rates, misplaced priorities and a recession that w...

Oct 13, 2005 / Editorial / William Greider

Why Is Africa Still Poor? Why Is Africa Still Poor?

As Asian countries grow in economic power, Africa lags behind the developed world. Can it ever catch up? Will corruption, geography and disease continue to hold it back?

Oct 6, 2005 / Books & the Arts / Andrew Rice

Communities Without Borders Communities Without Borders

Guest worker programs are a threat to the communities Central American migrants forge as they sweep across the US. These programs undermine the economic rights of immigrants and na...

Oct 6, 2005 / Feature / David Bacon

Pop Goes the Real Estate Bubble Pop Goes the Real Estate Bubble

Stocks crash and housing prices tend to go down with a whisper. But a disturbing number of signs now point to a sudden burst of the real estate bubble.

Oct 5, 2005 / Feature / Nicholas von Hoffman

Running on Fumes Running on Fumes

Unless the federal government does something now, rising gas prices have the potential to break the blue-collar backbone of many American towns.

Sep 29, 2005 / Feature / Sasha Abramsky