Cover of July 12, 1999 Issue


No Protection for Gays

There's a bill speeding its way through Congress that would shred much of the protection against discrimination provided by the dozens of local and state gay civil rights laws...

America’s Disappeared

Nearly three years after the inauguration of welfare reform, Congress and the Clinton Administration would do well to reflect upon the admonition of Dorothy Day, the founder o...

Capitol Crimes

If only Columbine High School had posted the Ten Commandments next to its football trophies, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold would never have killed anyone.



The Truth About Hate Crimes Laws

It took the death of a young gay white man at the hands of two other young white men to bring the issue of violence aimed at lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgendered people to n...

Rebuilding the Gay Movement

When Republican Senator Al D'Amato was endorsed for re-election last November by the Human Rights Campaign--the nation's wealthiest gay civil rights lobby--the HRC's appalling...

Books & the Arts

Born Cool

The title character in Run Lola Run lives underneath a fibrous growth that in shape resembles a neglected patch of lawn and in color brings to mind a fire engine--or ma...

Republic of Pain

Quick, name a recent Nobel Peace Prize laureate accused of colluding in a program of mass murder. No, not Henry Kissinger--that's old news.

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