The Awful Truth The Awful Truth

Special thanks to Alison Mann.

Mar 16, 2000 / Books & the Arts / Manohla Dargis

Independents’ Day Independents’ Day

The most important day in the history of American independent film was May 8, 1947, which witnessed the opening of a picture so personal--no, so heedlessly self-revelatory--that ...

Mar 16, 2000 / Books & the Arts / Stuart Klawans

Pigsty Politics Dirties Davis More Than Actor Pigsty Politics Dirties Davis More Than Actor

Arnold Schwarzenegger for governor! Well, why not? I hadn't thought of putting in a plug for the actor's political career until Gov. Gray Davis' top political operative, Garr...

Mar 13, 2000 / Column / Robert Scheer

The Stealth Candidate The Stealth Candidate

On the morning after, people awoke to the drear prospect of "gush and bore" for the next six months, and excitement flew out the window.

Mar 9, 2000 / Editorial / William Greider

A Robertson Republican A Robertson Republican

(A Gilbert and Sullivan Solo for George W. Bush)

Mar 9, 2000 / Column / Calvin Trillin

Cops and Dogs Cops and Dogs

In California, as in most states, any election aftermath involves a wan hunt for silver linings. As always, it's hard to find them.

Mar 9, 2000 / Beat the Devil / Alexander Cockburn

Ask Dr. Mad Law Ask Dr. Mad Law

Section 10-131, subparagraph (g)1, of the administrative code of the City of New York provides that: "It shall be unlawful for any person to sell or offer for sale, possess or us...

Mar 9, 2000 / Column / Patricia J. Williams

Where’s the Rest of Him? Where’s the Rest of Him?

Both Republican candidates battled to claim the mantle of the Gipper. John McCain calls himself "a true Reagan Republican." George W.

Mar 9, 2000 / Column / Eric Alterman

Temps Demand a New Deal Temps Demand a New Deal

With this issue, we resume our 'What Works' series, which explores effective projects and strategies for improving people's lives through progressive social change.   &nb...

Mar 9, 2000 / Feature / Christopher D. Cook

All the President’s Mien All the President’s Mien

Leon Aron, a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, has over the past few years become known as an authority on Boris Yeltsin, a man he patently likes and has vig...

Mar 9, 2000 / Books & the Arts / Abraham Brumberg