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September 22, 2003 Issue

Mark Weisbrot derides Venezula’s recall, David Cole details John Ashcroft’s publicity tour and David Sarasohn lauds patriots fig…

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Letter From Ground Zero

The basic mistake of American policy in Iraq is not that the Pentagon--believing the fairy tales told it by Iraqi exile groups and overriding State Department advice--forgot...

Venezuela’s Recall

Venezuela appeared to take a couple of steps closer to a recall referendum on the presidency of Hugo Chávez in recent weeks, but there is little chance that he will b...

Alabama Breakup

While the national media gaze has fixed upon the battle to move a two-and-a-half-ton Ten Commandments monument out of view in the state's judiciary building, Alabama is abou...

UK Sideshow to Iraq

With its daily dominance of the headlines and a stellar cast from the worlds of government, secret intelligence and the media, the Hutton inquiry, playing here until the end...




Patriots vs. the Patriot Act

When Attorney General John Ashcroft felt obliged to go out campaigning in August in defense of the USA Patriot Act, his problem wasn't just what people were saying about the...

Marching on Cancún

Peasants, punks, students, green activists, union workers, social leaders and many more will meet in Cancún to say no to the WTO. The Zapatista Army has also announce...

Books & the Arts

What Are They Reading?

I'd like to say that I came across the poet Agha Shahid Ali of my own accord, browsing through the shelves of a bookshop or library and taking immediately to his finely struct...

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