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October 1, 2007 Issue

Maria Margaronis on the fires in Greece, Peter Canby on Guatemala, Patricia J. Williams on affirmative action, Bush style.

Cover art by: Cover design by Gene Case & Stephen Kling/Avenging Angels

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Fear of Restrooms

Now that we know there's a vice squad deployed to find people looking to hook up for quickies in airport bathrooms, air travel has taken on a whole new dimension.

Those Cheating Patriots

In an era of technology-driven sports, the question of what is and isn't cheating can get pretty murky. But Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots were caught red-handed.

The Housing Bubble Pops

To solve the subprime mortgage crisis, start with aid for vulnerable homeowners, smarter economic policies and a more competent Federal Reserve Board.


The Mercenary Factor

Who elected Blackwater and other hired guns to rule the world? The banning of Blackwater in Iraq sheds more light on the checkbook imperialism fueling Bush's state of perpetual war...

Playing With Numbers

The Bush Administration's Civil Rights Commission would like us to believe that affirmative action harms black students by placing them in situations where they can't keep up.



A heated exchange of views on Lakshmi Chaudhry's slam of Harry Potter and a more civilized exchange between Jonathan Schell and Peace Action's Kevin Martin on nuclear proliferation...



Prelude to a Police State in Iraq

Iraqi Security Forces are riddled with corruption, and if the US involvement continues, Baghdad could become the capital of a Shiite police state employing the classic methods of d...

The March on Jena

Thousands of civil rights activists are heading to Louisiana this week to protest a case of gross injustice--and the system that supports racial inequality across America.

Democrats Sizzle in Iowa

It felt a bit like Election Day in Iowa this weekend, as Democratic candidates at Senator Tom Harkin's Steak Fry served up appetizers of the campaign to come.

Why the Silence?

Leaders of the Jewish community who have resisted calls to voice opposition to the war can no longer justify their failure to speak out.

Kentucky at War

Opposition to the Iraq War has created some unlikely alliances in Kentucky, much to the chagrin of Senator Mitch McConnell.

Books & the Arts

Jazz As a Way of Life

The landscape riffs on what works where,
Scrub brush dirt, scrub brush dirt, bougainvillea
Pamplemousse-style on sandstone
Declining to absorb

The Passenger

In a posthumously published memoir, Ryszard Kapuscinski looks back on his life as a pathbreaking literary journalist who covered the Third World during the cold war.

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