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November 20, 2006 Issue

John Nichols declares winners in the off-year presidential primary, Negar Azimi looks at civil society at risk in Iran, K. Leander Williams…

Cover art by: Cover by Gene Case & Stephen Kling/Avenging Angels with apologies to Norman Rockwell

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Questionable Verdict

Even the most naive American voter cannot be expected to see the morally, legally and politically questionable death sentence given to Saddam Hussein a milestone in the Bush Admin...

The Baker Report, Leaked!

Stay the course? Cut and run? Cut the crap? What will former Secretary of State James A. Baker III propose after the midterm elections, when the bipartisan Iraq Study Group reveals...


Bush’s Rough Justice

Bush insisted that Saddam Hussein's trial be held in Iraq so that an international tribunal would never expose America's history of support for the tyrant.



The Return of Daniel Ortega

Despite Daniel Ortega's many flaws, the return of the Sandinistas to power creates the possibility that his challenge to the "savage capitalism" of the previous regime can genuinel...

Que Pasa en Oaxaca?

A virtual state of siege prevails in Oaxaca, where military police have occupied the central square, clearing barricades and detaining scores of activists.

The Gutting of the Civil Service

The Bush Administration has so politicized government agencies that an entire culture of civil service professionals is being replaced by conservative political operatives loyal on...

What’s Left of Reform

As Iran and the United States trade insults and America presses for Iranians to rise up, educators, students and women's rights groups may pay the greatest cost.

The Case for Engagement

If US officials stopped their saber-rattling over Iran's nuclear ambitions and began to negotiate directly, they would have an eye-opening experience.

Books & the Arts

Down by Law

Todd Snider has a songwriter's flair for the absurd--and he's morphed from a barroom wiseacre to a keen observer of life at the workaday fringes of Bush's America.

In God’s Country

The secular left should think twice before casting religious people as its foes. After all, alienating potential allies and confining ourselves to a small sect of like-minded belie...

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