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November 14, 2011 Issue

The editors on the end of the Iraq debacle, Rob Richie on the GOP’s electoral power grab and Gordon Lafer on the politics of Occupy Wall Street

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Iraq: End of a Debacle

It was an ignominious end to America's worst foreign policy disaster since the Vietnam War, and the costs, for both Iraq and the United States, will be felt for some time.

Libya After Qaddafi

By ignoring the UN Security Council resolution’s mandate authorizing intervention, NATO may have destroyed the prospects for future legitimate uses of the principle of &ld...


John Nichols on Ohio Voters v. John Kasich, Jin Zhao on Steve Jobs’s Legacy in China, Dana Frank on Wikileaks Honduras




Letter from prison; Keynes takes pains to ensure gains; living at the Post Office


Occupy College

The crushing burden of student debt has shattered the American dream for a whole generation. They want their future back.

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