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May 7, 2012 Issue


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  • Editorial

    Save Earth Day

    To transform this bland, tired ritual into an occasion for spirited collective action, Earth Day must return to its roots.

    Mark Hertsgaard

  • Guns, Gays and Democrats

    Yes, the NRA and ALEC pushed pro-gun bills, but they were helped in many instances by Democrats too afraid to take on one of the culture war’s signal issues.

    Richard Kim

  • Noted

    John Nichols on a big win against ALEC, Josh Eidelson on the killing of labor activist Aminul Islam, Melinda Tuhus on Connecticut's abolition compromise

    Various Contributors

  • Justice for Homeowners—Still Not Served

    It took pressure from progressives to get a partly decent mortgage fraud settlement. They can’t take their eyes off the prize now.

    George Zornick
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  • Letters


    Feedback on the April 9 issue: trusting government (“again?”), Katha Pollitt’s plea to affluent pro-choicers and Burt Neuborne's open letter to the ACLU

    Our Readers and Burt Neuborne