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May 28, 2012 Issue

Cover art by: Cover photo of Trina Garnett by Lynn Garnett, design by Milton Glaser Incorporated

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  • Editorials

    Why Is NATO Necessary?

    We should shrink the alliance’s budget and ambitions and focus on the greatest threat to the West: economic crisis.

    the Editors

  • Europe Rejects Austerity

    The financial crunch has broken the illusion of stability, exposing a deeper crisis of representation.

    Maria Margaronis

  • Noted

    Richard Kim on Obama and same-sex marriage, Connor Guy on the truth about Tasers, Hannah Murphy on Activist New York

    Various Contributors

  • Can the Euro Avert Collapse?

    As politicians dither, the threat of default spreads from Greece to Spain and Italy.

    Andy Robinson

  • Inside True the Vote

    A spinoff of the King Street Patriots Texas Tea Party, True the Vote aims to have 1 million poll watchers in place by November. 

    Brentin Mock

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  • Letters


    Bruce Springsteen, Death of a Salesman, Barbara Ehrenreich, Iran

    Our Readers