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May 19, 2003 Issue

Charles Glass reflects on war, Jonathan Schell lauds the art of diplomacy and E.L. Doctorow writes about writing.

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Letter From Ground Zero

Now that the regime of Saddam Hussein has been overthrown, the Bush Administration, like a submarine that, having successfully sunk one ship, resurfaces its periscope to fin...

Axing Higher Ed

One of the many casualties of our national obsession with the war on Iraq is the emerging crisis of America's public colleges and universities.

Bush’s Bomb

The latest crisis with North Korea appears to be about the North finally declaring that it has the bomb, but in fact it is about the Bush Administration's inability to hide ...

Mapping Mideast Peace

With the close of the Iraq war--at least its first phase--the Bush Administration has another opportunity to seek a lasting solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict and to ...




Brezhnev, Bush and Baghdad

Many Russians who fled Brezhnev's USSR because they could not speak freely are in a state of shock in today's America. One is Roman Kaplan, an intellectual from Leningrad (n...

Books & the Arts

Kurdish Delight

International cinema has an irresistible new pair of reprobates: middle-aged brothers who can do no right in their lives and no wrong before the camera.

Bird on a Wire

I didn't have to wait long for Ziad, the plumber, to come to my house. It had been a year since the current Palestinian intifada broke out in September 2000, and unemploymen...

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