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March 20, 2006 Issue

Michael T. Klare addresses the nuclear dispute with Iran, Fred Block envisions a moral economy and Daniel Lazare reviews Todd Gitlin’s…

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Fearmongering on Dubai

Democrats should see the panic over the DP World deal as an opportunity for a nervy rudder-turn and challenge the obsessive secrecy and toxic premises of Bush's national security p...


With God on Our Side?

The right-wing hijacking of religion's public role in our political discourse is as undeniable as it is inappropriate, and represents one of liberalism's most serious problems.



Macho, Macho Militarism

On this year's International Women's Day, antiwar feminists take note of how our society has become increasingly militarized as a cult of masculinity has tightened its grip on Amer...

A Moral Economy

Progresssives must articulate a vision of a moral economy and a benevolent community that challenges the rhetoric of market fundamentalism.

Watching What You Say

How are AT&T, Sprint, MCI and other telecommunications giants cooperating with the National Security Agency’s warrantless surveillance program?

Books & the Arts

Life Is Sweet

Federico Fellini: His Life And Work effaces nearly everything written about the great Italian director, offering a distinct critical analysis and an absorbing account of his...

Exile and the Kingdom

In his newest novel The Last Friend, Tahar Ben Jelloun draws from his experiences as a writer and activist under Morocco's repressive monarchy.

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