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March 16, 2009 Issue

Cover art by: Cover design by Gene Case & Stephen Kling/Avenging Angels


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  • Editorial

    Partial Peace, Looming War

    The peace movement claims victory with Obama's promise to pull US troops from Iraq by 2011. But elsewhere in a volatile world, a long war looms.

    Tom Hayden

  • The Post’s Stimulus Chimp

    The uproar over the New York Post's racially insensitive cartoon has nothing to do with Al Sharpton and everything to do with the ugly history of stereotypes.

    Les Payne

  • Why We Detain the Innocent

    Yet again the courts have ignored the Constitution and legal precedent, leaving seventeen innocent Guantánamo detainees in legal limbo.

    Aziz Huq

  • Crisis of Faith

    As the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court reviews defrocked priest Paul Shanley's conviction on child rape charges, "repressed memory" will be held up to scientific scrutiny.

    JoAnn Wypijewski

  • Noted.

    MOVING ON: Justin Ruben, the new executive director of, brought a message from his 5 million members when he met with President Barack Obama at a

    the Editors

  • Obama ♥ Carrots

    The White House plan to keep homeowners out of foreclosure seems to have the stick-to-carrot ratio about right.

    Chris Hayes

  • Obama’s Call to Action

    Let's make sure Obama's investment in America's future isn't squandered in the mountains of Afghanistan.

    the Editors
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