That this book is a history of
a shadow that is a shadow of

me mystically one in another
Another another to subserve

Day is a type when visible
objects change then put

on form but the anti-type
That thing not shadowed

Is light anything like this
stray pencil commonplace

copy as to one aberrant
onward-gliding mystery

A secular arrietta variation
Grass angels perish in this

harmonic collision because
non-being cannot be “this”

Not spirit not space finite
Not infinite to those fixed–

That this millstone as such
Quiet which side on which–

That a solitary person bears
witness to law in the ark to

an altar of snow and every
age or century for a day is

Is one mind put into another
in us unknown to ourselves
by going about among trees
and fields in moonlight or in
a garden to ease distance to
fetch home spiritual things