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June 23, 2003 Issue

Russ Baker finds fault with Judith Miller’s reporting, Luc Sante examines New Jersey and Tom Wicker reviews Sidney Blumenthal.

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Globalization and GMOs

With the end of the Iraq war, the globalization war is heating up around trade again, this time over the issue of genetically modified food. George W.

Missing WMD Scandal

"Intelligence gathered by this and other governments leaves no doubt that the Iraq regime continues to possess and conceal some of the most lethal weapons ever devised," Geo...


Downsizing in Disguise

The streets of Baghdad are a swamp of crime and uncollected garbage. Battered local businesses are going bankrupt, unable to compete with cheap imports.

The New Mobility

A recent article in the Washington Post described some suburban high schoolers preparing for their proms by spending nearly $3,000 to rent an H2 Hummerzine, "complete...



Reading Iraq

"If you want to avoid another Saddam Hussein, you have to work toward peace and democracy in the Middle East."

Books & the Arts

Hell’s Angel

Romeo Dallaire has the name of a silent-movie star and a face to match: clear eyes, ample mustache, chin of cleft granite.

Wrestling With Augie March

Editor's Note: With Leonard Kriegel's meditation on Saul Bellow's 1953 novel The Adventures of Augie March, we introduce a series of occasional essays revisiting classic ...

The Believer

A reader knowing nothing of the 1990s might well come away from Sidney Blumenthal's lengthy account of The Clinton Wars with the impression that for eight years, Bill...

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