Leonard Kriegel

Leonard Kriegel's latest book is Flying Solo (Beacon). He
lives and writes in Manhattan, where he is currently working on a series
of new essays for a book about life in New York as seen from the
perspective of a man in a wheelchair.

Wrestling With Augie March Wrestling With Augie March

Editor's Note: With Leonard Kriegel's meditation on Saul Bellow's 1953 novel The Adventures of Augie March, we introduce a series of occasional essays revisiting classic works of l...

Jun 5, 2003 / Books & the Arts / Leonard Kriegel

Handicapping the Crippled Handicapping the Crippled

More than thirty years ago, in an essay called "Uncle Tom and Tiny Tim: Some Reflections on the Cripple as Negro," I suggested that cripples emulate the civil rights movement by f...

Aug 1, 2002 / Books & the Arts / Leonard Kriegel