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June 17, 2002 Issue

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  • Ghazal for Lauren

    Sister, they say heed the hymn in your heart.
    You've learned you've an odd rhythm in your heart.

    You and I versus our brothers: pitched war.
    The four of us in the swim of your heart.

    I saw a bird chasing moths trace spirals
    in the air, how you love him in your heart!

    The wind blows an apple, an acorn down.
    Let's revise: follow each whim in your heart.

    In the west, weft ascends warp. In the east,
    weft treads warp. Silk Route wisdom in your heart.

    Knowledge an ocean shaped by desire,
    who defines the idiom: in your heart

    of hearts? How many hearts do we have? When
    one breaks song soothes like a balm in the heart.

    Who'll play dub to your syncopated lub?
    Endeavor, love, 'gainst tedium in the heart.

    The hated math teacher played, "Less is more,"
    with my name. Whence the harem in your heart?

    Leslie Chang
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