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July 3, 2006 Issue

The Editors write that the US should stop bullying the UN, Alexander Cockburn asks why the left is so afraid of the incompetent Karl Rove, S…

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Danger in Paradise

It's hard to tell whether the US is conducting a war against terror or against Native Hawaiians, as the military uses parts of the Waianae coast as a live-fire training ground.

Burning Cole

Politics trumped academic integrity when a neocon network torpedoed the appointment of Mideast scholar and blogger Juan Cole to a faculty position at Yale.

Bunkum From Benador

The debunking of a PR agency that circulated a bogus story about persecution of Jews in Iran exposed the moving parts of a media machine bent on preparing the American public...

The UN Bites Back

If the Bush Administration is serious about UN reform, it should replace Ambassador John Bolton and stop linking payment of dues to action on reform.


Hillary’s Hypocrisy

Hillary Clinton's dissembling on Iraq has become a fatal embarassment for her presidential ambitions and for anyone who looks to her for leadership.

Bush’s Baghdad Palace

The United States has made no headway quelling the insurgency or rebuilding Iraq, but one secret project is on target: construction of a palatial US Embassy inside the Green Zone. ...

Rebels With a Cause

A new generation of student activists is flexing its muscles, rolling back employment rules in France, demanding education reform in Chile and fighting for immigrant rights in the ...

Prairie Grass Roots

In South Dakota, prochoicers are fighting back with a bipartisan initiative challenging the abortion ban and a grassroots effort that has put progressive Native American women on t...



Bush World

In the guise of giving us what we want, media giants have created a culture defined by untrammeled greed, the worship of power and a ruthless disregard for the public good.

Use the Tools

The fight over media consolidation is anachronistic. Progressives should focus instead on mastering the tools of new media--it's here, not in the corporate boardroom, where the new...

Stealth Media

Corporations used to disguise their attempts to masquerade as "indie," but now they've become invisible to the naked eye.

Local Media Left Behind

National media are increasingly catering to the highly mobile, globalized, mostly white middle class, leaving those who can't afford access to slip into a separate and unequal worl...

The Self-Expression Sector

New forms of participatory media have changed public discourse, enabling people to publish, share and disseminate their own media creations. But will only the affluent be able to p...

Access of Evil

Compliant coverage of the Iraq War proved the news business is morally compromised, no longer driven by creative people with something to tell but by global corporations with somet...

Brave New Media

We don't need to buy a network to get our message out--just creatively use an array of low-cost tools from the Internet to iPods, cellphones and whatever comes next.

Books & the Arts

We Are the World

When liberals and conservatives discuss the United States' role in the world, they are really talking about the narcissism of small differences. Two new books show how both sides s...

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