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Mindy Pennybacker

Mindy Pennybacker is editor of The Green Guide , an environmental newsletter (

  • Politics June 14, 2006

    Danger in Paradise

    It's hard to tell whether the US is conducting a war against terror or against Native Hawaiians, as the military uses parts of the Waianae coast as a live-fire training ground.

    Mindy Pennybacker

  • Environment January 20, 2000

    ‘The First Environmentalists’

    For thirty years, since the publication of Silent Spring and Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, the growth of the environmental movement has been fueled with sorrow for the decimation o

    Mindy Pennybacker

  • Fiction September 16, 1999

    Decolonizing the Mind

    As Hawaii's first American century comes to an end, marking grim anniversaries of overthrow and forced annexation by the United States, a groundswell for Native Hawaiian sovereignty continues to

    Mindy Pennybacker

  • Fiction February 11, 1999

    What Boddah You?: The Authenticity Debate

    If there's one thing everyone agrees on about Hawaii writer Lois-Ann Yamanaka, it's that she has a perfect ear for local pidgin dialects, which change cadence and idiom throughout the islands of

    Mindy Pennybacker

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