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January 8, 2007 Issue

Ian Williams closes the book on Kofi Annan’s tenure at the United Nations, Mohamad Bazzi considers Hezbollah’s future, Omer Bart…

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Rule of Noose

Justice and reconciliation for the victims of Saddam Hussein will not be found at the end of a hangman's rope.

Get Carter

The flap over Jimmy Carter's new book underscores that the Israel lobby in the United States exists to serve only the interests of the Israeli right wing.




Questioning Capital Punishment

As doubts grow about the humanity and constitutionality of lethal injection, California, Florida and Maryland have shut down executions. America's flight from the death penalty co...

The Irrelevance of Joe Lieberman

The fall and rise of Joe Lieberman was one of the major political events of 2006. But in 2007, Beltway and netroots pundits agree, he will be as irrelevant as George W. Bush.

About Face

In the most significant movement of dissident soldiers since Vietnam, nearly 1,000 active-duty officers and enlisted personnel have petitioned the government to withdraw from Iraq.

Books & the Arts


Spring Awakening is a highly politicized play that explores the sexuality of young teenagers and the adult heartache that can accompany it.

Faraway, So Close

In Five Germanys I Have Known--part memoir, part extended rumination on German-Jewish identity--Fritz Stern revisits his family's past and finds that he has never been quite...

Parasites of Plunder?

Hitler's Beneficiaries advances a controversial, deeply flawed argument that Germans failed to revolt against the Nazis because Hitler established a welfare state built on p...

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