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January 20, 2014 Issue

Cover art by: design by Robert Best


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  • Books & the Arts

    A Guerrillero-Gentleman: On Joaquim Câmara Ferreira

    Was the author's aristocratic grandfather, who would become a leader of the armed resistance against Brazil’s military dictatorship, a hero or a terrorist?

    Carlos Fraenkel

  • Memory Politics: On ‘Franco’s Crypt’

    To what extent does Franco’s rule still dictate contemporary Spanish culture?

    Jonathan Blitzer

  • Shelf Life

    In 1924, Lidia Ivanova, George Balanchine’s “lost muse,” disappeared on the eve of their company’s first European tour. Was her death an accident?

    Marina Harss
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  • Letters


    Children farming the land… JFK… Eric Hobsbawm/“Francis Newton”… the world wars…

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