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February 2, 2004 Issue

Barbara Lawton makes the case for Wesley Clark, Bernie Sanders excoriates NAFTA and Stuart Klawans reviews "Monster."…

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Border Justice

The call by George W. Bush for major reform of our failed immigration policy was undoubtedly made with election-year eyes fixed on the growing Latino vote.

Sectarianism in Iraq

Saddam Hussein's capture on December 13 ended the role of the minority Sunni Arabs as Iraq's ruling group since 1638, when the Sunni Ottoman Turks captured Mesopotamia (then c...


Lost in Space

A while back, in a column calling for more arts funding, I observed that a lot more people are interested in classical music, ballet, theater and museums than are interested i...



The View From Mexico

This past November, along with six other members of the US Congress, I visited Mexico on a Teamsters-sponsored trip in order to assess what NAFTA has done to Mexico.

Books & the Arts

The Hunt for Hussein

About a third of the way through the long, long flashback that is Crimson Gold, someone mentions that the main character, Hussein, needs to work outdoors because of his...

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