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December 15, 2003 Issue

Annette Fuentes calls attention to locked-downed schools, Sarah Anderson reports from the FTAA protests and Stuart Klawans reviews "21…

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Fiasco in Miami

It was as though US and Brazilian trade negotiators feared that if they spent one more minute in Miami, the fragile image of harmony they have struggled to project would shat...




Books & the Arts

In Our Orbit

One of the nation's finest historians, Studs Terkel has told the story of twentieth-century America through the voices of ordinary people.

Second Comings

To the fleet of symbolic vehicles currently cruising the screen--their number includes the "Pussy Wagon" that Uma Thurman (in Kill Bill) coldly claims as her own--we ma...

Not Beloved

Toni Morrison's slim new novel, Love, may seem, at first glance, to fit within a group of books one could crudely call Morrison Lite, not requiring any heavy lifting fr...

Sacred Rage

Since 9/11, terror has become one of the most fashionable issues on both the American and the international agenda, and almost every publisher has rushed to publish a book wri...

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