Matt Taibbi

Matt Taibbi is a columnist for New York Press.

Clark, Clark, the Dogs Do Bark Clark, Clark, the Dogs Do Bark

"Hatchet job" was the term most often used by readers to describe Matt Taibbi's "Clark's True Colors" [Dec. 15].

Dec 23, 2003 / Letters / Matt Taibbi and Our Readers

Clark’s True Colors Clark’s True Colors

The general and his troops go after the Big Win.

Nov 26, 2003 / Feature / Matt Taibbi

Who’s Afraid of Dennis Kucinich? Who’s Afraid of Dennis Kucinich?

The press seems to think Kucinich isn't serious precisely because he's serious.

Oct 9, 2003 / Feature / Matt Taibbi

Dean-a-Palooza Dean-a-Palooza

Politics as usual on the front-runner's tour.

Sep 18, 2003 / Feature / Matt Taibbi

Grabitization (Don’t Look) Grabitization (Don’t Look)

Almost everything that is wrong with Washington Post foreign editor David Hoffman's new book about Russia's transformation into a capitalist system, The Oligarchs, can be discerne...

May 23, 2002 / Books & the Arts / Matt Taibbi

Pogroms Return to Russia Pogroms Return to Russia

Attacks on Muslim immigrants in Moscow reveal some ugly new trends.

Nov 14, 2001 / Feature / Matt Taibbi

The Journal’s Russia Scandal The Journal’s Russia Scandal

Just before Christmas in 1997, as a tumultuous stock-market crisis ravaged emerging markets in every corner of the globe, readers of the Wall Street Journal were treated to some ...

Sep 16, 1999 / Feature / Matt Taibbi and Mark Ames