Baruch Kimmerling

Baruch Kimmerling, George S. Wise Professor of Sociology at the
Hebrew University of Jerusalem, is the author of two recently published
books, Politicide: Ariel Sharon's War Against the Palestinians
(Verso) and (with Joel S. Migdal) The Palestinian People: A

Letters Letters

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Feb 24, 2005 / Letters / Our Readers and Baruch Kimmerling

Israel’s Culture of Martyrdom Israel’s Culture of Martyrdom

Nations like to imagine themselves as unique, but one belief they have in common is that it is noble to die in their name. Death and redemption are the themes of almost every for...

Dec 22, 2004 / Books & the Arts / Baruch Kimmerling

Sacred Rage Sacred Rage

Since 9/11, terror has become one of the most fashionable issues on both the American and the international agenda, and almost every publisher has rushed to publish a book writte...

Nov 26, 2003 / Books & the Arts / Baruch Kimmerling