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December 1, 2003 Issue

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  • Books & the Arts

    Full Moon

    Clouds curdle round it, crack open, let it through.
    Radiance shades by cloudshapes; fat fruit
    of incandescence; sphere of peeled silver. I wonder

    Eamon Grennan

  • Man Making the Bed

    Psalm after psalm into a dead sea of silence: they invite
    their own enormous, endangered day. Scalded, lord,
    by sunlight and the lizards watching, licking dust,

    Eamon Grennan

  • At Work

    On slow wings the marsh hawk is patrolling
    possibility–soaring, sliding down almost to ground level,
    twisting suddenly at something in the marsh hay or dune grass,

    Eamon Grennan

  • 2003 Lenore Marshall Poetry Prize

    The Lenore Marshall Poetry Prize of $25,000, awarded annually for the most outstanding book of poems published in the United States by an American, is administered mutually by the Academy of

    Robert Wrigley

  • Visions of the Sublime

    One of the great benefits conferred by Modernism on our appreciation of traditional painting is that there is little inclination any longer to ascribe optical abnormalities to artists whose rep

    Arthur C. Danto

  • New York State of Mind

    After two elegantly written, consistently engaging, critically praised, ambitious if not entirely satisfying novels, the prodigiously gifted Colson Whitehead has given the reading public every

    Phillip Lopate
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