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August 18, 2008 Issue

John Nichols on the Veepstakes, Jonathan Schell and Martin J. Sherman on Israel and Iran, Calvin Trillin on Obama’s trip abroad…

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Olympic Trials

If China's leaders believe they've released enough steam for a smooth Olympics, they could be in for a surprise.


Naomi Sobel on efforts to improve conditions at the notorious Postville, Iowa kosher slaughterhouse; Nation correspondents on Obama's world tour.

Change We Can Believe In

Progressive supporters of Barack Obama urge him to stand firm on the principles he so compellingly articulated in the primary. Add your name to this open letter.




The War We Don’t Know

Up until now, the war between Russia and Georgia was framed as a simple tale of David versus Goliath. In fact, it is far more complex than this, morally and historically.

The Bruja

This Week: Dieter Countryman would like to do some enhanced interrogating, while Congresswoman Kang drops in to get in the groove with a witchy woman.

Bush’s Time Horizon in Iraq

Everyone was baffled by the President's use of the term "time horizon" for withdrawal from Iraq. But when you consider the term's origin on Wall Street, it makes perfect, cynical s...

Burgers or Biofuel?

Biofuels have become the new villain in the climate change and food crisis debate. But America's consumption of meat is a bigger part of the problem than the cars and trucks we dr...

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