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August 15, 2005 Issue

John Nichols profiles America’s most prominent socialist, Bruce Shapiro looks into John Roberts’s chill heart and Stuart Klawans…

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Reactors & Racism

The Entergy Nuclear company of Jackson, Missippippi, with the blessing of the Bush Administration, is seeking preliminary approval to add one or two new nuclear reactors to ...

Bolton Sent to UN

The conservatives who applauded the President's courage in making a recess appointment are normally strict constructionists, and although Bush is not the first President to abuse t...

Challenging Rove

Democrats, led by Rep. John Tierney, joined in sending a letter to Bush demanding he revoke Rove's security clearance.

Press Watch

The public broadcasting system remains an easy target for Republican deception, demagogy and mischief.

Labor Splits

In the aftermath of the labor split, both sides must get beyond recriminations and hold themselves to common goals.




Unintended Consequences

With its war in Iraq and its talk of promoting democracy, the Bush Administration has begun to transform the Middle East--but not always in ways it may have intended.

Books & the Arts

Time Out of Mind

There are no ordinary shots in Wong Kar Wai's 2046 and no ordinary sounds--which is remarkable, given that you've seen and heard everything before.

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