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April 19/26, 2021, Issue

Cover art by: Barry Blitt

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  • Books & the Arts

    Songs of Hope and Isolation

    Arlo Parks’s consoling pop music is tailor-made for our fraught and lonely moment. 

    Julyssa Lopez

  • The Age of Care

    A new history by Gabriel Winant examines how an economy of care—and with it a new working class—emerged out of deindustrialization.

    Nelson Lichtenstein

  • Gogol’s Bullshit Jobs

    His biting satires of Russian bureaucracy examined the random cruelty and arbitrary hierarchy of an empire in crisis.

    Jennifer Wilson

  • Are We Living in an Age of Strongmen?

    A new book by Ruth Ben-Ghiat discusses the past and present challenges posed by authoritarianism, but misses the social and economic conditions in which it arises.

    David A. Bell
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