I’d like to invite you to join me along with other like-minded Nation travelers Nov 3-10, 2018 in Cuba as we visit vibrant Havana and the gorgeous colonial town of Trinidad. Come and see for yourself the historic changes that are happening as the country moves into the post-Castro era, and together we engage in much-needed “people-to-people diplomacy” during a difficult period in US-Cuba relations.

This is a critical moment for progressives to serve as what I call “citizen diplomats,” because President Trump has abandoned civil diplomacy with Cuba—among so many other nations. And his hostile approach, announced one year ago in Miami, has scared off potential visitors to the island. “Because of Trump’s sweeping rhetoric in Miami,” the Los Angeles Times recently reported, “many Americans thought it was no longer possible to travel to Cuba. US tourism has fallen precipitously this year.” But it remains perfectly safe, and legal, to travel to Cuba. And it is vital to do so—to support the socio-economic changes that are taking place and to contribute to an informed, reasoned debate over what a better U.S. policy should be.


The Nation has organized a terrific itinerary for the conscientious and curious traveler: a full week of presentations by leading Cuban sociologists, economists, entrepreneurs, urban planners, musicians, artists, and retired diplomats; walking tours of museums and Old Havana, and, of course, quality time together drinking mojitos on the famous patio of the Hotel Nacional, among other iconic Havana hotspots. We will also travel to the colorful and dynamic coastal colonial city of Trinidad. Along the way we will stop at the famous Bay of Pigs—the iconic and enduring symbol of imperial US aggression against the Cuban revolution.

When we get to Playa Giron, as the Cubans call it, I will lead a discussion of the rather extraordinary history of the U.S. paramilitary invasion, and share the story of the 40th anniversary conference I created with my organization, the National Security Archive, to bring surviving Kennedy White House officials to Havana to meet Castro and his commanders who defeated the CIA-led exile invasion force in 72 hours. Everyone who comes will receive the CIA’s own 100-page Top Secret assessment of its failure to overthrow Castro, which the Archive obtained through the Freedom of Information Act. We will all discuss the report at the Bay of Pigs—one of the more beautiful Caribbean beaches you will ever see.


We’ll talk about the invasion and many other compelling issues, past and present, when we are all in Cuba together in November. See the full itinerary to appreciate all that the tour has to offer. This is a truly unique program—I hope you will join me!


Peter Kornbluh

Peter Kornbluh.jpg

Peter Kornbluh, a longtime Nation contributor, serves as the director of the Cuba Documentation Project at the non-profit National Security Archive. He is the author of several books on Cuba including Bay of Pigs Declassified.

The cost of this 7-night tour is $5,455 per person with double occupancy ($370 single supplement). The program cost includes accommodations; all ground transportation within Cuba; guided tours, seminars, and lectures; entrance to Cuba’s preeminent museums and attractions; private music concerts and dance performances; most meals (including libations); and more.

Contact [email protected] for more information.


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