Cuba: Havana to Trinidad

During this historic period of change, explore Cuba with The Nation on a journey specially curated for the progressive traveler.

Join The Nation  as we immerse ourselves in the beauty and energy of Havana and the charm and history of Trinidad. We’ll experience the people, politics, and culture of the island during this pivotal period in the country’s history, as it comes to terms with life after Fidel Castro and looks toward a new era and an uncertain relationship with Washington.

We will spend our days meeting professors, artists, historians, activists, restoration specialists, and others. Our evenings will be filled with exclusive concerts by renowned musicians, private showings at artists’ studios, and a performance by students of one of Cuba’s internationally acclaimed dance institutes.

Note that the recent Trump administration restrictions on travel to Cuba DO NOT affect our program – this trip is grandfathered under the older rules and may be one of the last opportunities to see Cuba for the foreseeable future.


  • Travel with Peter Kornbluh, The Nation’s longtime Cuba correspondent, to discuss the Cuban Revolution, as well as the future of US-Cuba relations
  • Take a walking tour of Old Havana and marvel at the stunning architecture.
  • Learn about housing, infrastructure and restoration programs in Havana during a lecture with urban planner Miguel Coyula.
  • Hear from Ricardo Torres, an economist from the Center for the Study of the Cuban Economy. 
  • Visit the site of the Bay of Pigs invasion of 1961 and the Bay of Pigs Museum where Peter Kornbluh will lead a discussion about the history of the U.S. paramilitary invasion. 
  • Wander the cobblestone streets of Trinidad, a UNESCO World Heritage site, with a local Nancy Benitez, an expert in restoration, architecture, and history..
  • Explore the remarkable Museum of Cuban Art in the company of art historian, Nelson Herrera.
  • See the Che Guevara memorial, which houses the remains of the executed Marxist revolutionary and his fellow combatants killed in Bolivia in 1967. 
  • Enjoy private music and dance performances and engaging lectures at venues throughout Havana and Trinidad.



100% of the proceeds from our travel programs support The Nation’s journalism.


February 22 - 29, 2020: Now open

November 9 - 16, 2019: Sold out


FROM $5,270