Colombia: Looking Forward/Looking Back

Join us as we return to this captivating country.

Colombia is truly a special destination that was sadly off limits to travelers for many decades. Now proudly welcoming visitors, Colombians are passionate about sharing their spectacularly beautiful landscapes and rich cultural treasures, as this once-divided country undergoes a historic transformation after the landmark peace deal of 2016. The flawed yet hopeful peace accord marked the important beginning of a long process.

We’ll look deeply into the complicated politics of Colombia and meet some of the heroic people working hard for the fair implementation of the peace plan. Join us as we travel to Bogotá, Medellín, Cartagena, and gorgeous small towns scattered throughout the countryside, as we meet with historians, human-rights workers, government officials, academics, documentarians, artists, and others who continue the process of helping to shape the new Colombia.

See the itinerary for complete details. Questions? Contact us via the form at the bottom of this page or call us at 212-209-5401.


  • Learn about the landmark peace process and where things stand today with personal tours of the Center for Memory, Peace, and Reconciliation and private lectures with inspiring human rights leaders working with displaced women, indigenous cultures, and de-mobilized FARC members retraining for civilian life.
  • Observe colorful wildlife such as toucans and motmots, and visit the majestic high-altitude Parque National Natural Purace with its unique and rare plant life in this nation of strikingly rich ecological zones.
  • Experience vibrant regional cuisines at a variety of carefully selected restaurants that showcase Colombia’s emerging food scene and tour a coffee plantation to sample special brews.
  • Wander the charming streets of colonial towns while admiring beautiful Spanish architecture and awe-inspiring cathedrals and visit the first-class Medellin Botanical Gardens.
  • Explore lively artisanal markets in colorful hill towns that are home to indigenous peoples.  Sample unique local delicacies and explore stalls hanging with dried medicinal herbs.
  • Marvel at massive volcanic-rock statues that rival those found on Easter Island, dating from over 5,000 years ago and learn about the people who created them.
  • Tour the transformational metro-cable cars and escalators of mountainous Medellin, innovations that have helped transform once poverty-stricken neighborhoods into vibrant communities
  • Visit the Gold Museum to learn about the past and present impact of the gold trade on the country’s economy and environment.

See the itinerary for complete details. Questions? Contact us via the form at the bottom of this page or call us at 212-209-5401.


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August 10 - 21, 2023


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