Jordan and the Politics and Culture of the Middle East

Delve into the critical issues facing Jordan and its neighbors while exploring the country’s unique beauty and stunning antiquities.

Jordan’s location at the nexus of Asia, Africa and Europe has helped shape this young country’s culture and society and placed it squarely in the middle of regional geopolitics. Now facing the challenges of refugees fleeing Syria and Iraq, Jordan is being tested by the conflicts on its borders, but has remained peaceful, welcoming, and tolerant. On this extraordinary tour with The Nation, readers will have a unique view into Jordan’s history and culture, while also examining the contemporary issues facing neighboring countries in the Middle East.

Throughout the tour we will meet with people who are actively working to address some of the issues facing Jordan. We’ll have exclusive lectures and discussions, travel to ancient sites and immerse ourselves in the country’s dramatic natural landscape and vibrant communities. 


  • Attend a lecture with Mouin Rabbani, a distinguished analyst, journalist, and senior fellow at the Institute for Palestine Studies, on the complex geopolitical issues facing the Middle East.
  • Explore sites such as Jerash; the archeological site of Gadara, and the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Bethany.
  • Learn about the refugee situation in a discussion with staff from the Near East Foundation, the longest standing organization serving refugees in the region.
  • Experience one of the most exquisite sites of the ancient world, Petra.
  • Meet with representatives of the United Nations Relief Works Agency to gain insight into the history of the Jerash refugee camp and a learn about the Palestine diaspora.
  •  Float in the waters of the Dead Sea and enjoy the healing properties of the sea’s mud during a relaxing afternoon.
  • Visit Umm Qais, perched above the Jordan valley with dramatic views of Jordan, Israel and Palestinian territories, where you will attend a lecture on the Israeli and Palestinian conflict.
  • Visit a Bedouin community to learning about Bedouin culture and history and spend the evening under the stars at a luxurious camp in Wadi Rum in the “Valley of the Moon.”
  • Participate in a discussion with a representative of Human Rights Watch about priority issues in the country including: freedom of expression, limitations on NGO operation, refugee rights, and citizenship restrictions.
  • Speak with staff from the Middle East Children’s Institute who work to support refugee women and children.

This all-inclusive trip costs $ 7,995 / $8,995 per person (double/single occupancy) and includes seven nights at the five-star Amman Marriott Hotel, one night at the five-star Petra Marriott Hotel, one night at the Sun City Wadi Rum tented camp, all transportation within Jordan, all tours, seminars, lectures, a welcome cocktail party, most of your meals, gratuities, and numerous other curated events and activities.


October 14–24, 2018


From $7995